Hangin' with a bunch of animals
Everyone knows I am an animal lover. And by now you know what that means: a visit to the zoo.
At the Indianapolis Zoo I experienced just what makes the facility one of the country's top 10 zoos. Right after arrival we caught the Magnificent Macaws show. Despite my flights into Indy, these birds had no problem arriving on time. They fly in from across the zoo to entertain the crowds during shows throughout the day.
Elsewhere, there are lions and tigers and bears -- oh my (had to, sorry!). Animals, creatures and critters from all over the world are housed at the zoo. The exhibits feature tons of educational components, some with interactive displays to give you a glimpse into the lives of the inhabitants.
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After visiting with some outdoor animals, we headed inside to the International Orangutan Center. The place has acted as a rescue of sorts, with animals taken out of the entertainment industry now having a home away from the stress of showbiz. One of the hairy guys responded with a big hello to a man with tattoos. I was told he remembers people by their tattoos and will stare at them and touch his own arm.