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Though I am not American, I do know there is a lot of respect for the country's men and women in uniform here. The Indiana War Memorial Shrine Room is the second to Washington, D.C. in the amount of monuments and memorials.
From the outside it looks like just a concrete building but inside you are taken on a journey through various battles. There are hundreds of displays and features honouring the military and its veterans.
The main attraction is the Shrine Room where the largest American flag I have ever seen hangs above the altar. There is a hush that falls over the room as you slowly walk through and your footsteps echo throughout. Did you know that about 200,000 Hoosiers served in the Civil War? That totalled about 75 per cent of the eligible men in the state.
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JB chats about the memorial

We took things to a whole new level when we went high above the Shrine Room for a more haunting view. It was an incredible sight but I have to admit, the pictures don't do it justice.