Being a kid again
Dubbed the world's largest children's museum, The Children's Museum of Indianapolis is still growing. Seriously. There are new developments happening this summer. Though not open during our visit, the seven-and-a-half-acre Sports Legends Experience is a great excuse for me to come back. But there was plenty to see and do including a chance to get my dance on and visit the American Pop exhibit. There are items from Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and other famous celebs.
I couldn't visit the museum and not play dress up and be a kid again. Trying on a western vest, a space jacket, scuba gear and even some Chinese outfits, I had a good time playing and also learning along the way.
Thankfully our expert tour guide knew her way around because I got lost amongst all of the displays. I guess that's a good problem. There's just so much to experience here.
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The museum is really out of this world -- literally. The space exhibit has many interactive features to touch and explore. Watching videos from space I was almost hypnotized because it was wild to see how astronauts live. The museum gives you a glimpse into the day-to-day life of the space visitors. You can sit where they sit, wear what they wear and see how it feels to be an explorer.
There is a shout out to Canada with a Canadarm2 display. Always love seeing my homeland represented.