A song to set the mood
After a full day of running all over the city, I was long due for a relaxing sit... and some wine. As the clouds rolled in and offered some relief from the sweltering summer sun, the team at Old World Gondoliers welcomed me with a song... and some ice cream. I loved both!
I was told that a lot of people don't realize there is a canal running through Indianapolis. Well, there is. And here is the proof.
As I chatted with Jeff Hutson, the owner of the gondolas, we were entertained by our singing chaperone. (You heard a little bit of that on the radio show.) Jeff told me that his floating crafts are the scene of many a marriage proposal. Make note if you are planning to pop the question in Indy.
We pass people riding bikes, rollerblading and going for walks, most of whom give us a hello and are also entertained by the singing.
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JB chats about the tour... and enjoys a song
Available for public tours and private functions, Old World Gondoliers also operates an electric boat that winds its way through the Central Canal downtown.
Also, a shout out to the staff at Fresco Cafe for the amazing refreshments.