A local medical science lesson
"You have to check out the Indiana Medical History Museum," I was told. "What's that?" was my question. I wasn't told much more before arriving so I went in with an open mind... and I actually saw some of those -- literally. They have brains in jars all over the place.
The old building is home to artifacts dating back to the 19th century in its autopsy room, anatomical museum, the amphitheatre where research was conducted on the physical causes of mental disease. The building is historic and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
For those who appreciate history and science, this is a place to visit in Indy. There are guided tours with very knowledgeable volunteers taking you from room to room. I can tell you, they have answers for even the most bizarre questions!
The fun continues outside the building in the Medicinal Plant Garden where trees and plants are on display to showcase their uses. Signage educates visitors and lets them know just what the alternate purposes are.
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As we made our way through the old building, the creaky floors really set the tone of the place. It is fascinating to look at medical tools used generations ago. Interesting to see how the medical world has changed and practices have evolved. How has it evolved? Well, back in 1848, the place was called Indiana Hospital for the Insane. Needless to say, that wouldn't fly nowadays.
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JB chats about the museum