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With every city we visit I have to check out a local KFC. This started years ago and has been a tradition ever since. Sure, it gets me strange looks from our local hosts but you do what ya gotta do.
Arriving in Indianapolis in mid summer is hot -- very hot. I'm told it's unseasonably warm and that I'm lucky because rain isn't in the forecast. Whew. And it's true: not a cloud in the sky on day 1. Fingers crossed the weather co-operates.
As I walk around downtown I check out streets and streets of restaurants. The smells are overwhelming. And I mean overwhelming in a good way. I almost want to stop in at each place and try one thing before going next door to the next eatery. Already I am experiencing a city of food. Yum!
I also pass some great landmarks like the Indiana Repertory Theatre (spelled the Canadian way -- woooo!) and the Imax Heater... uh, Theater (spelled the American way).
As the sun sets and nightlife emerges, the thumping beats of dance clubs and pubs are all around.
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Top of The Charts and The Open Road with Jeremy Bradley broadcast live from Indianapolis, Indiana
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I was told I needed to get a pic with the Indy signs that are all over and try the shrimp cocktail at St. Elmo Steak House. Though not much of a shrimp or steak fan, I tried both. And the verdict? Loved 'em! I also have to add, I loves me a caesar salad and this is one of the best I have had in a long time. The wine was great and I should say I had the best server ever. I didn't get his name but was welcoming, funny and quite enjoyable even though he was super busy with a packed dining room.
Spoke & Steele tried. I'll start with that. I'm not a restaurant reviewer so I won't get into it in detail. The wobbly table in the dining room was a little distracting while trying to eat the chicken dinner. It was tasty. It was prepared in a way I had never had before. It was good.
And with the ice cream, well, there's a surprise in every bowl. Mine had a piece of paper.
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