Visiting downtown, underground
If you really want to get a taste of Indianapolis -- and I mean that in the food and drink kind of way -- then the City Market is a stop you have to make. How can I put it? Any kind of taste you can imagine you can probably enjoy here. It is an outlet for the community to celebrate its eateries and also come to share a destination that is about welcoming one and all.
After lunch I was told that we were going underground. Say whaaaat? Beneath the market lives another world from ages ago. The city's catacombs are steeped in mystery but there are theories abound -- and even some spooky stories to complete the visit.
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Top of The Charts and The Open Road with Jeremy Bradley broadcast live from Indianapolis, Indiana
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JB chats about City Market and the catacombs
There was no one in the catacombs during our visit (or so we thought) but the circle of chairs has reportedly had its share of creepy moments. And what a great place to watch scary movies in the dark, dontcha think?